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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Forgive Them...

...for they know not what they voted.

It is obvious that the media had no interest in exploring the real Obama, his hidden past, his radical leftist mentors, his culpability in the current economic crisis, the source of his illegal donations, and his Marxist agenda. The media wanted to make history.

But this election isn't a reflection of the media or even Senator Obama as much as it is a reflection of the electorate – our friends and neighbors. They, too, wanted to make history. I suspect they also wanted to believe in a dream. But, they did not want to explore the truth behind the rhetoric. They just wanted to believe. (I simply can't accept that they really want the socialism that Pelosi, Reid, and Obama will try to give us.)

Senator Obama won this election when he successfully – and falsely – blamed "eight years of the Bush economy" for the fall of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and for the economic crisis that followed.

As documented on this site (here and here), Democrats were clearly responsible for Fannie and Freddie. Democrats built them up. Democrats took their money. Democrats – including Obama – protected Fannie and Freddie from Republican efforts to reign them in. And, Obama lied to cover it up.

But, followers would have nothing to do with the facts, they just wanted to believe that Bush was to blame and that Obama would save us. Still, Republicans failed to fight lies with truth.

McCain lost the election when he let Obama's blame game go unanswered. He had a national stage during that first debate, but McCain failed to articulate how Obama and fellow Democrats fueled Fannie and Freddie's Wall Street greed. His campaign was lost that night.

Actually, these events were set up from years of Republicans failing to counter the Democrat attacks on President Bush. Because they failed to defend the President in Iraq and with the economy, they gave credence to the false charges. Every time a false charge went unanswered, it became easier for Democrats to sell another false charge – and harder for Republicans to refute it. When Democrats blamed Bush, fellow Republicans were equally guilty by association. Ironically, Senator McCain's failure to defend his Republican rival likely led to his own defeat in this election.


We gave President Bush's new tone a chance. We tried reaching across the isle. We gave McCain's appeal to the center a chance. We even tried to make nice with elected Democrats and their allies in the media. In the process, Republicans forgot how to articulate the conservative ideas that built the party and they forgot how to fight for them.

But, Sarah Palin remembers. So does Michele Bachmann and Joe the Plumber. And so did Ronald Reagan. It's time we return to our principles and fight for them with all the partisan vigor we can muster.

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Anonymous Raven said...

I completely agree. Now that the 'history' part is over it's now the time for the battle within Party. Now only do some of us remember the values and how to fight for them we will also those in the Party who have led this party down this path of ruin.

A time of reckoning is coming for many within the party.

11/05/2008 6:14 AM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

Raven is 100% correct.

The Republican party leadership needs to be purged at the state, national, and many local levels. Republicans win elections, and win them big, when they and the party run as Conservatives and lose when the party has no direction and looks to "get things done".

11/05/2008 7:29 AM  

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