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Monday, November 03, 2008

Gun Grabber on the Ballot for Ramsey County Judge!

It's often hard to get information on where judicial candidates stand on issues and they frequently run unopposed so these races don't always show up on the political radar screen. Unfortunately there is one Ramsey County judicial race this fall that could impact gun owners big time as one of the candidates, Howard Orenstein, is a well known virulent anti-gunner as well as a hard-core liberal. Given the propensity of these types of judges to legislate from the bench it is in our best interests to make sure Orenstein is defeated.

From Professor Joseph Olson, President of the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance (GOCRA):
Make sure Minnesota's # 1 anti-gun legislator, former state Representative Howard Orenstein (DFL-St. Paul) doesn't get elected to a judgeship this fall. Even after he left politics, he continued to lead the anti-gun crusade. Howard founded Minnesota's anti-gun lobbying group, Citizens for a Safer Minnesota and as their President got them a $1/2 million grant (from an out-of-state- foundation) to seek more restrictive laws.

For almost three decades Howard has dedicated his public service to the anti-gun cause. He is too much of an ideological advocate to be a fair judge.

Howard authored several assault weapon ban bills, a gun registration bill, a gun forfeiture amendment, and numerous other amendments to increase the hassle of owning guns. Some passed; most didn't; but Rep. Orenstein never gave up trying to punish Minnesota's responsible gun owners for gang member's and drug dealer's crimes. He proudly worked to earn his 12-year straight "F" rating from all Minnesota gun groups and the NRA.
Checking out the endorsements on Orenstein's web site we find that he is endorsed by several well known extreme liberals and socialists. It's also interesting to note that there is absolutely no mention I can find of his repugnant positions on personal defense rights and our right to own and possess firearms.

Furthermore, Orenstein's wife is a University of Minnesota professor who is active in the UN global disarmament effort and has stated in a report to the UN that "there is no human right to self-defense and that insufficient gun control is a violation of human rights".

Orenstein's opponent, Gail Chang Bohr appears to be a moderate at best (based on who's endorsing her), but Orenstein is a known gun grabber who cannot be trusted to uphold our self-defense rights.

In the other contested judicial races Tim Tinglestad, Deborah Hedlund, and Dan Griffitth appear to be more Conservative with respect to believing in original intent and not legislating from the bench than their opponents.


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