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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Help Representative Kate Knuth get a Private Sector Job

I've noticed that Kate Knuth is no longer listed in the Hamline University staff directory. I haven't heard why she is no longer with the school, but they apparently are getting along without her vital contributions to their academic community. Could it be that the more and more the concept of man-made global climate change gets debunked the less the school needs wacky environmental extremists like Knuth and their irrational fear of nature's plant food?

Hopefully Lori Grivna will bounce Kate Knuth from her cushy state-funded position on Tuesday. This would serve the greater good in two ways. First, Kate would get to experience the real world of finding and retaining a private sector job - quite a concept for her. Perhaps more importantly the state legislature will have one less redistributionist creating laws and regulations that end up costing many people who work for a living their private sector jobs. Both outcomes would be good for our economy and our liberties.

There are numerous reasons Kate Knuth needs to be ousted for the good of the electorate. Perhaps the biggest is the disastrous impact that Knuth's signature legislation, the shamelessly promoted fiction of "Cap and Trade", would have if ever unleashed in its full-blown regulatory toxicity on our economy.

Cap and Trade regulations would force energy producers to take actions and pay for things that they would never in their right minds do from the perspective of running a productive or successful business. This is exactly what happened at the federal level when liberal policies that started in the Carter Administration and intensified during the Clinton Administration (the Community Reinvestment Act forced many mortgage lenders to make sub-prime loans against any prudent business judgment in order to avoid punitive actions from government. The inevitable collapse of the financial markets was the direct result of government sticking its sizable nose where it doesn't belong.

Forcing energy producers to do economically asinine things by mandating the investment in ineffective "green" technologies and "renewable energy" will do the same thing with respect to the energy production economy. Do we really want this kind of regulatory hell (HT "Mr. D" for the video link) unleashed in our state where it is an absolute necessity to heat our homes five or more months out of the year? And for what? To make environmentalist alarmist liberals like Knuth feel good about fighting a non-existent problem while securing political power?

Also remember that Knuth voted to raise multiple taxes and to dictate who can and can't smoke on private property. She defends the regulatory mandates that the state imposes on insurance companies that contribute greatly to high health care costs. She even tried to pass legislation (ouch!) that would obligate business owners to allow access to their bathrooms on their private property to strangers or face the wrath of the state government. The fact that she would even consider that the state had any legitimate or moral authority to regulate or commandeer the use of private property, regardless of how much comedy material she provided for Conservative talk radio, reveals the kind of nanny state busybodies Knuth and her DFL comrades are.

Two years ago the voters of District 50B initiated a disaster with respect to our liberty, wealth, and private property rights by electing Kate Knuth. We now have a chance to correct the error. Let's get it right this time and send Kate to the private sector.

Dump Kate in '08!


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