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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So You Got Change

For all those who voted for Obama, your will has been imposed upon the rest of us. Now what? Specifically, what changes are you hoping to see?

President-elect Obama promises unity. Here's your chance to reach out and start talking about ideas. Tell me, what legisilation do you hope to see in the next two years?



OpenID lovemissbailey said...

I can tell you what I don't want to see. His abortion legislation, his taxation plan. But I am pretty sure we'll get both from our illuminati general.

11/05/2008 9:52 PM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

Doesn't look to be a lot of change so far as BHO has named a couple of Clinton Administration re-treads for his Chief of Staff and to head his transition team.

The corruption of the Clinton Administration combined with the ineptness of the Carter Administration does not sound like a two term enterprise.

11/06/2008 12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


We will most likely disagree on most issues, but since you asked for it, entertain these thoughts for me.

Some things I look forward to in an Obama Presidency:

1. Respectfully restore America's credibility with the rest of the world. Citizens of the world rightfully celebrated when Obama was elected, which shows the greater respect we can expect to get over the next four years. You may not think this is very important, but a lot of us do. It is a national security issue as well. People who like us are less likely to attack us.

2. Unite the country to work together for a common cause, and abolish the "two Americas" mentality of the Bush Regime. End Bush's tax cuts for people that don't need them. End "compassionate conservatism." Tax and spend, and instead of growing our debt to Communist China, lets start paying for what we purchase.

I can't believe more conservatives aren't outraged with Bush's fiscal irresponsibility. I wish I could get a tax cut every year, but that's not putting country first. Not during wartime or times of domestic spending is it good for our economy to cut taxes.

3. Responsibly leave Iraq. Start holding the Iraqis accountable for their own country. It has been 5 years now. We have waged a war on a verb, terrorism, which could go on for another 100 years if we keep the same mentality. If you disagree, then tell me - when should it end? When every last terrorist is killed? More will come as long as we are there. Our presence is creating future terrorists, as we are occupying a Muslim-based country. If you don't believe that, the Google Muslim Jihad - and then you may have to concede that there is no end in sight as long as we're there.

Give the Iraqis an ultimatum on taking responsibility and control of THEIR country. We have spent billions a month, and ruined hundreds of thousands of lives on both sides both physically and emotionally. The money we spend, a good lot of which goes to the round-the-clock training of their military and police forces. Will they ever be ready? When?

Conservatives preach responsibility, so let's pass the torch, save some lives and money, and consistently push them to be accountable for their own.

4. Make healthcare affordable to all, and give the people a choice of both private and public healthcare. Force private healthcare to be innovative and competitive with the threat of losing customers. This is how business operates in our country; cutthroat with competition.

As a side note: Newsweek magazine reports that McCain's healthcare plan would have been more expensive than Obama's to taxpayers.

5. End gov't subsidies for ethanol production, which has been proven to be more costly, dirty, and energy inefficient than gasoline.

6. Invest across the board in clean, alternative energy such as solar, wind, and hydrogen. Reward those who come up with new ideas and inventions. This should be our greatest national security priority. When we end our addiction to oil, we can also end some of the business we do with the people who hate us. Our need for oil causes us to transfer our hard-earned wealth to some of the world's most evil people. Oil is a negative investment all-around for the American people.

7. End the politics of fear. Be as up-front as safely possible with the people on the real threats we are facing. We live in some of the most dangerous times in history, but unnecessary scare tactics don't work for anyone.

Abolish the color coding "terrorism threat" chart, as it is vague and isn't helpful for ordinary citizens to prepare for an attack.

8. End wasteful defense spending while maintaining the general strength of the military. Liberals and Independents are not "pantywaists" or "touchy-feelys", rather they are mostly educated and rational people. How can some conservatives say that there is so much wasteful spending everywhere else, but not acknowledge our current defense budget of world conquest proportions? Surely there is waste when the Pentagon accounts for ~50% of total spending.

Reallocate that $10 billion a month we spend in Iraq to solve our domestic problems. Stop pouring our money into the Middle East and keep it here. How about an all out war on poverty to go with all of our other wars raging at the moment?

9. Raise teacher salaries across the board and give them greater incentive to get the job done. Overhaul the ineffective (but good idea) No Child Left Behind policy. Also, I think we can all agree on the need to make the system transparent to the public, so the "Education Burecracy" will be responsible for their spending.

Teachers are grossly underpaid in this country. On average, teachers with a four year degree earn between $43,580 and $48,690 annually(bls.gov). That is much less than the average businessmen makes. Teachers are directly attributable to our future national security as well as domestic conditions. Look at the South's spending on education; and then look at the living conditions in some of those states. Directly attributable to uneducated people who continue to vote for the "non-spenders" who don't think education is unimportant. Our children are our greatest resource, well above our wealth.

10. Stop killing our environment in the name of a profit. Spend money to protect it. Contrary to popular Republican beliefs, it does not fix itself.

11. Lastly, Make government more transparent. This is an area where I think conservatives, independents, and liberals can agree on. Obama has promised a line-by-line spending analysis, and I hope that he can deliver it. Only then will the PEOPLE be able to prioritize our goals.

What I DON'T look forward to:

His abortion policies. Along with War and the death penalty, I believe that humans should not be able to "play God" with human life and choose who lives and dies.

His 2nd Amendment policies. However, I do not believe the ridiculous accusations that he will destroy the 2nd Amendment. Come on people, do you think Congress will vote 2/3s majority on that? He is not going to take our guns away. I just hope that taxes on guns and ammunition don't get too high. A low tax increase would be reasonable to me.

The fairness doctrine. I agree with you that it is unconstitutional, and directly goes against American values. However, it should be pointed out that there have been conflicting reports on what President Obama will do on this issue.


Barack Obama is not my messiah. And I did not vote for him until I knew what he stood for. Your accusation that most people don't know what they voted for is offensive at best. Yes, many African-Americans undeniably voted for him because he is Black. But he wouldn't have won majorities in almost every other demographic, including whites and the elderly, without intelligent people voting for him. Just because you disagree with us, doesn't automatically make us unintelligent. Anyone who believes that should first look inwards to see where the real irony and stupidity lies. We just wanted a new set of ideas, because the old ones weren't working for us.

Give him a chance. Like it or not, you will have to live with him for the next 4 years. He hasn't even started his Presidency and you all are claiming the apocalypse. That, to me, is an extremely unintelligent mindset.

Much respect,


11/06/2008 7:16 PM  
Blogger G-Man said...


Great reply. It deserves a thoughtful follow up. In honor of your considered thought and efforts to continue the discourse (and I honestly appreciate it), I hereby dub you Mr. A1. I don't want to get you mixed up with another anonymous. Stay tuned. (Time is too short today.)

11/07/2008 4:49 PM  

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