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Friday, December 12, 2008

John Marty is Clueless

This week in the free newspapers (Shoreview Press, New Brighton Bulletin) John Marty (DFL-Roseville, Dist. 54) makes clear just how clueless he is.

On Tuesday (12/9), I read Marty's plea for more money for shelters and other resources for victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a very bad thing, and charities (funded by you and me) should do all they can to help its victims out of those situations. But as I vigorously explained to Susan Gaertner recently (see post below), WE HAVE NO MORE MONEY. If Mr. Marty wants to tell his constituents why they should put up with potholes so the government can do a job that ought to be done instead by privately-funded charities and individuals, let him. But he doesn't, and hasn't, to my knowledge. Instead he continues to make the same old tired pleas for more government spending on his pet causes on the theory that no matter what it costs, it's worth it, since it (supposedly) prevents higher spending on government services later. Once again, when the State faces a shortfall of nearly $5 billion and the unemployment rate is steadily climbing (now 6.7%, and we know the government doesn't include the people who've given up or don't get all the work they'd like), when we can't get banks to lend to anyone because they know the long credit expansion gig has reached its limits, and the Federal Reserve arrogates to itself the power to issue its own bonds, thus further expanding the money supply and increasing the likelihood of runaway inflation--when all these things are happening, I ask you, why is John Marty asking for money we don't have to spend on secondary social problems?

Then in Wednesday's edition (12/10) of the NB Bulletin, I read Marty's impassioned plea that we just have a hearing in the next legislative session on gay marriage. Did Marty see the gay marriage referenda results this past election? Nobody wants this but a few activists whose view of the world is so skewed they think a male and a male or a female and a female can bond and mix as happens in real marriages. Marty doesn't understand that the opposition to gay marriage is due not to prejudice and emotional "divisiveness" but to a tenacious commitment to reality. People have a gut understanding that the word marriage cannot, in reality, be applied to male-male or female-female relationships, because the word marriage does not describe a mere civil legal arrangement, but instead describes the bond that really arises when a human male and female join together in a permanent relationship that includes sexual bonding. People sense that despite all the trends that encourage living in fantasy land today, this is one piece of reality they don't want to lose their grip on.

But all of that is neither here nor there next to the main point: why is John Marty once again pushing us to focus on a secondary social question when national, State and local governments are about to have trouble finding daily operating funds? No, Mr. Marty, not even a hearing, let alone a vote on this issue--not when you have a budget that needs cut by $5 billion over the next biennium. And residents of Roseville, don't you want to think twice about reelecting a fellow so clueless that he'll spend his political capital this way, in the face of the most pressing crisis in 3 or 4 generations?


Blogger Force50 said...

A long time ago I decided that liberals who push gay marriage really don't care that much about the issue.

What they do care about is giving a poke in the eye to those with traditional values, which they cannot fully relate to, much less live up to.

Satveer Chaudhary, for example, cannot give a rationale for his similar view -- but he can only blankly state that he does not want to discriminate against gays. I'm not saying Chaudhary is empty-headed and can't think for himself, I'm not saying that at all.

It all starts with a weak moral compass which make Marty and Chaudhary easy targets for the 24/7lobbying of the gay organizations.

Think about it. A very tiny minority can jujitsu the majority of society through the likes of John Marty and Satveer Chaudhary and those two really know not what they do.

12/17/2008 5:02 PM  

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