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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Mayor Martin--Perplexed

Note, please, the tone of the Shoreview council members in this article in the latest edition of the Shoreview Press:
The article describes a meeting I wish I could have attended, in which the citizens of Shoreview dared question the city's plans. “Typically we get people who hear the facts (presented by the city's finance director) and are satisfied,” Mayor Sandy Martin said, “but this year there is a sense of urgency.”
Wonder why, Mayor Martin? Perhaps it has something to do with seeing the valuation of their home on their property tax statement go DOWN while their total tax bill still goes UP. Perhaps it has something to do with the queasy feeling in the pit of so many stomachs, that queasy feeling that says we're getting what we've known we deserved (for buying what we couldn't afford) for a long, long time--and the city seems totally unaware of the impending Judgment Day. Perhaps it has something to do with realizing that in a time of "credit crisis," when we finally reap the inevitable harvest sown in abuse of credit and fiat money, the city's idea of good management is to issue $3.5 million in bonds and continue the spending spree.
Here's how you should have been thinking all along, Mayor Martin and illustrious members of the Council: how much money do we get this year in revenue? What are our priorities in the use of that money? And pass it on to your friends in the State legislature: no more borrowing. Just get out the big scissors and start cutting.


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