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Friday, January 30, 2009

Representative Kate Knuth to Hold Town Hall Meeting

After a hiatus for the re-election season, which was actually a politically shrewd move given her legislative record, Representative Kate Knuth will hold another of her Town Hall Meetings tomorrow (Saturday January 31, 2009) from 10:00-11:00 at the New Brighton Family Service Center. The blurb in the local papers and on her state web site (note to the House IS folks: SQLServer is down) contains the usual PR verbiage:
I'm always eager to meet hear what my neighbors think about the issues we face. We are facing some big challenges this session, including how to jump start our economy and create new jobs. Hearing a wide range of views and ideas is essential in helping me better represent our community and our state.

The primary task of the 2009 Legislative Session, which began on January 6, will be to craft the state's 2-year budget, a job made more difficult by a projected deficit of nearly $5 billion. Knuth predicted a variety of solutions will be considered as lawmakers move forward, and invited residents to visit the Minnesota House of Representatives website at http://www.house.mn where a link has been set up provide residents throughout the state an avenue to weigh in with their ideas about how to close the budget gap.

Minnesotans aren't interested in where good ideas come from; they just want us to work together to get things done, said Knuth, who was recently elected to her second term in the Minnesota House. We have only five months to do our work this legislative session, and we need to hit the ground running. Part of that preparation comes from productive conversations in our communities about the best ways to move forward.
I'm probably not going to bother going as Kate will no doubt do her ever popular interpretation of DFL talking points and tell us how hard she works for us and proceed to tap-dance around any difficult questions but it can be amusing if you have nothing better to do on a Global Warming Saturday. If you have the time and a strong stomach it may be interesting to see if now that our liberal legislatorette has grown up to an assistant leadership position she still finds it necessary to have mommy and daddy riding shotgun (figuratively speaking of course as Mayor Larson has posted written notice that "Guns are not welcome here" at the FSC).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hook pretty much called it. I went to the meeting and found Kate in her comfort zone when reciting the DFL talking points. She was considerably less on her game when fielding questions from the audience. It becomes apparent very quickly that she is completely out of her league when discussing economics, taxes, and the needs of business with her constituents who obviously know a lot more about the real world than she does.

She's not a bad person but is very naive about the way people in the real world make a living and run their businesses. She also honestly believes the environmental fairy tales that her college profs and liberal peers indoctrinated her with.

All in all I was impressed that she was willing to do the meeting but was very unimpressed with her knowledge and ability to serve the interests of her district. Dangerously naive and idealistic would be a good summary.

2/01/2009 10:41 AM  

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