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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Obama's a Teflon Liar ... But Republicans Aren't Much Better

This from the Australian Daily Reckoning, by Dan Denning:
"We have on our hands a financial system that has used cheap credit and leverage to erect a systemically destabilising class of financial assets backed by debt. Our policy makers are trying to safe that system through a policy of deliberate inflation. And in the meantime, they are blaming "extreme capitalism," when the real culprit is perverted capitalism with its theory of unsound fiat money."

Where are the Republicans who go back to principle? Mitch McConnell says the only thing wrong with the stimulus bill is that it doesn't include enough tax cuts and direct aid to the criminally hopeful homebuyer, who believed that when his payment was about to double, he could refinance because home prices were going to go up forever. I heard Mike Pence say today on Focus on the Family that Congress understands there is crisis in the land and it must act, just not in the manner the Obama-Reid-Pelosi Complex have gone about it. Mike Pence, for crying out loud! God help us, when Mike Pence spends his political capital recognizing the need for government to solve all problems.

Ron Paul, God bless him, is a kook, but at least he understands where this crisis really came from. The source has a name: it's The Federal Reserve. And the European Central Bank, Deutsche Bank, Swiss National Bank, et. al. ad nauseum. In other words, central bankers with the power to print money have screwed us, and both the Democrats and Republicans have helped them. It's a very cozy system: the bankers skim wealth while managing the national governments' tools for creating the illusion that there's plenty of money for expanding government action. And all the whining and ranting about Obama and Reid and Pelosi from Limbaugh, Hannity, the editors of National Review, and everybody else one might have looked for to understand what has really happened to us, do nothing but show us that even these voices are either clueless or also in the pockets of the financiers.

Time to clean house, my little audience. Boot them ALL. Ron Paul included, even though he has been a voice crying in the wilderness. BootsOn, indeed. Make mine a jackboot.


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