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Monday, February 09, 2009

Pogemiller More Conservative than Seifert?

Well, no, probably not.

But it's an illustration of what a sad pass things have reached when the Pioneer Press in the Friday, 2/6 edition, quotes Pogemiller reasonably observing, "You cannot put 40 percent of the budget [a conservative estimate of the education portion of MN's spending, I'd say] offline. Everybody's going to have to tighten their belts and share the sacrifice ... including education."

And what does Seifert, House Minority Leader from Marshall, reply? He's shocked, simply shocked, that a Democrat would be willing to cut education. I checked with Rep. Seifert's PR man, Kevin Watterson, in disbelief, but no, Mr. Watterson confirms: the article's author, Bill Salisbury, got it right--the Republicans are going to fight for NO cuts in education spending.

Once again, I ask my kind readers, where are the Republicans willing to talk cuts? Tax cuts may spur growth, but when your basic problem is a global economy driven by credit and overwhelmed by debt, particularly government debt, I submit that before we talk tax cuts, we better talk spending cuts. The Republicans are scratching their heads, wondering, how did the Democrats become the party of the fiscally responsible?

This is how: Senate Tax Committee Chair Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook, says things like, "We've got to get our fiscal house in order." Excuse me? Are you really a Democrat?

Or is Marty Seifert really a Republican?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's setting up the game: DFLers were put into office by the teacher's union. Republicans tried last year to get the liberal majority to walk the talk and "put education" first. They couldn't, no wouldn't. The unions and every education lobbyist is begging not to be touched. Rep Seifert is just driving the wedge between them and those they put in office. He knows the tenticles of liberal loyalties run deep in every area of the budget. Making the 50 plus lobbyists for the teacher's union spend time on their own legislative buddies keeps them occupied.

2/09/2009 1:03 PM  

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