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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Representative Kate "Chutzpah" Knuth calls for "Shared Sacrifice"

Representative Kate Knuth's latest press release, dutifully published with prominence in the latest editions of both the Bulletin and the Sun Focus newspapers, is her latest interpretation of the DFL talking points. She plays pretty fast and loose with her use of "we" and "us" in trying to promote the tired old DFL "we're all in this together" mantra as a precursor to the DFL ramming through even more taxes, spending, and regulation that will impact those of us who work for a living a lot more than those who live off of the public dole.

The following is the orange-clad legislatorette's latest, along with my interspersed commentary (within brackets):
For much of the last year, the state of our economy has been the focus of conversation. Some homeowners are on the verge of foreclosure, while others are worried about losing a job or health insurance. Some are contemplating the need to put off retirement for a year or two [or permanently], and others are figuring out how to get aging parents a higher level of care [while fighting government created expense and red tape]. Some Minnesotans have a child applying to college and are wondering how to pay for it, while others have a younger child enrolled in a public school dealing with larger class sizes and program cuts [due to the gross inefficiency and mismanagement of the government education system].

Whatever the situation, there is no doubt that the floundering economy has required some sort of sacrifice from nearly everyone [except elected officials and well entrenched government bureaucrats]. In New Brighton, Arden Hills, Fridley and Shoreview the uncertainty of the times has left us with a growing sense of apprehension [along with a decreasing balance in our retirement accounts]. Even with [or, more accurately, because of] the news that President [Barack Hussein] Obama and Congress [at least the liberal, socialist, and RINO contingent] have agreed on [what they are fraudulently pitching as] an economic recovery package designed to create jobs [as if government could do this], strengthen and improve our infrastructure [isn't this what government is supposed to have been doing all along?], and support education [apparently over 40% of the state budget in Minnesota alone is not adequate support] and health care [and who the hell authorized government to meddle in health care?], Minnesota’s immediate economic outlook is far from certain [Kate wins the "duh!" award here].

Our state’s nearly $5 billion deficit [which will actually come in around $7 billion and was caused almost exclusively by the out-of-control spending of Kate the Clueless and her DFL colleagues - when they took control of the legislature the state had an over $2 billion surplus] will likely grow larger by month’s-end, which means crafting [isn't that pretty self-serving verbiage for the rubbish the legislature produces?] the state’s two-year budget will be extremely difficult [it won't be easy for the DFL to sell the rubes who pay the bills the tax increase the state is about to foist on them and get away with blaming it on Bush, Pawlenty, and/or the GOP]. Unlike the federal government, Minnesota’s constitution requires us to balance the budget without deficit spending. And with more Minnesotans suffering severe economic hardship [although the government does not appear to have suffered much considering the steady growth in spending over the last few years], the most important question becomes: how do we ["we"???] make the necessary adjustments [nice euphemism for tax hikes, increased spending, and more regulation, Kate!] to close the gap without inflicting additional damage to average Minnesotans [the above average and below average Minnesotans apparently don't rate] or our [note how it's "our" until it comes time to pay the bills] overall quality of life? Together [nice, squishy choice of wording] we need to figure what government services [another nice euphemism!] we can live without and those we [there's a lot of"we"s popping up here - your cue to hang on to your wallet] are willing [as opposed to being obligated under the force of law] to pay a little [or, more likely, a lot] more to continue because we [i.e. the DFL political ruling class and their constituency groups] need them.

We [in this case the uber-geniuses in the DFL who "crafted" the problem] are now in the process of gathering input and information to reach the best budget solutions [translation: the DFL is stalling to see how much of the Obamassiah's stimulus funds find their way into the Minnesota treasury]. As is the case every year, the Governor is the first to release his plan to balance the budget [gee, I wonder why that is?]. After that, the Legislature studies the Governor’s ideas [ostensibly] to find areas of common agreement and to determine other areas that may need to be reworked [translation: how the DFL can spin and misrepresent the Governor's proposals to deflect the blame for the unpopular and inevitable DFL engineered tax increases that are coming].

Over the next few weeks we [the DFL leadership, not to be confused with we who will pay the bill] will continue to review the proposed budget with the [illusion of soliciting the] help of Minnesotans [and I thought one had to be a Minnesotan to hold a seat in the legislature]. Along with [seemingly unending]committee hearings [that will accomplish nothing but burning time and money] and one-on-one conversations with constituents, House and Senate members of both parties are holding town hall meetings throughout the state, including meetings in Coon Rapids and White Bear Lake. I encourage everyone to attend at least one of the meetings - to listen, learn and weigh in about what you think [and know] will [tax cuts and spending cuts] and won’t [tax, spending, and regulatory increases] work. And if you can’t [or don't have the stomach to] attend the meetings, the Minnesota House of Representatives has set up a webpage [as if those clowns could set up a Facebook page on their own] for you [that we taxpayers paid union-scale wages for] to make suggestions in how we confront Minnesota's projected budget deficit. So far, more than 2000 Minnesotans have weighed in, and you can do the same by going to http://www.house.mn/ to share your ideas [as a prerequisite to sharing even more of your income].

We hear the phrase “shared sacrifice” bandied about a lot right now [mostly by liberal politicians]. Clearly, we are all going to be part of making our state finances right [the DFL will increase the spending and the taxpayers will finance the porkfest]. But we need to take the concept of shared sacrifice one step further. We need to ask ourselves two simple questions: What are we willing to give up [as long as politicians and liberal constituents are not impacted]? And what are we willing to do to keep what we need [other than a large scale tax revolt]?

Thoughtful answers from citizens around the state will [or, more correctly, could] help us set responsible priorities that will not only balance the state budget, but will lay the groundwork for recovery [but the DFL leadership will end up doing whatever the hell it pleases limited only by what they think they can get away with politically].
Note that almost every concern of Kate the Caring was created by government sticking its collective nose where it doesn't belong. Now the same government that has caused the problems wants us to join them in "shared sacrifice".

Just what the hell has the government and elected officials like Kate Knuth sacrificed lately?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

One way for Kate to lead by example of sacrifice for the better of all of us is to take the bus.

2/26/2009 7:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Voters need to throw this DFL hack out of office along with the rest of them.

2/27/2009 9:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice thinking but D-Knoth's area is staunch DFL. Her predecesor was was a true blue in red clothing and the gal that ran against Knoth was the most Liberal school board member at the time. Why the heck do the Republicans run left-wing idealogues? Maybe the DFL should run a Red in Blue's clothing-that might work!

2/27/2009 11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know for a fact the "gal that ran against Kno(u)th" is not liberal at all. The majority of her fellow school board members did not support her because she fought for conservative principles and was Republican endorsed.
You are right that the district is more liberal. There were far more Obama signs blanketing the neighborhoods. It's disturbing to see so many wanting big government to take over the free market and their lives.

2/27/2009 1:29 PM  

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