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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bachmann, Read This

and all the rest of you, too. You don't have to like the tone, but you do have to read all eight pages and be assured that, useless swear words aside, the content is spot on. Who'd have thought we'd have to turn to The Rolling Stone to get the real story?

Rep. Bachmann, if you think it's really within our power still to decide whether to keep the US dollar (USD) as the circulation currency in the US (to say nothing about the currency that operates as the global reserve currency), you have totally lost touch with who makes the real decisions around here. It's not that I wouldn't prefer to keep the USD, or that I would, but that we schmucks (and that includes most of the members of Congress) don't get to make those decisions anymore. You want to get control of US fiscal and monetary policy back? Introduce something worth introducing: a bill to ABOLISH THE FED. Until the Fed and all its minions are sitting on the ash heap of history, don't pretend you have any real say in how the country is run.


Blogger G-Man said...

Rep. Bachmann is every conservative's hero. Earlier this week, Bachmann grilled Treasurer Secretary Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on the Constitutionality of bailouts since last March. She has also been a rare voice of sanity on the hysteria of global warming; on using the vast energy resources in our own backyard; and on the economic dangers of cap and trade.

Bachmann isn't the one who needs to be schooled on who has the power to establish the US dollar as the global standard or the dangers of the Federal Reserve.

She is a member of the minority who, thanks to Queen of the House Pelosi, has very little power to actually move bills to the floor. It would be a waste of time and political capital for her to move a serious bill to abolish the fed. The general public doesn't understand what it is and such a bill would go nowhere public discourse or in Congress.

For Republicans to have a shot at slowing down the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Express to Socialism, they need to move the discourse in directions that can move public opinion away from socialism and toward a more conservative republic.

Bachmann has wisely chosen issues that highlight the stupidity of this Democrat led Congress (such as banning the incandescent light bulb) and offered alternative conservative solutions for our economic decline. Some weeks ago, she offered an alternative stimulus bill that actually would have stimulated the economy. It centered around giving everyone a one year break form federal income taxes. This bill was cheaper than the 1,000 page monster that Pelosi and Reid ramrodded through Congress. Still, Bachmann knew it had no chance of winning, but it did strengthen public discourse with a contrasting view that hits home with Joe Sixpack.

I don't know if her bill to ban the US from adopting a foreign currency as our standard will go anywhere. But, it does serve to highlight Obama and Company's desire to rebuild America in the image of Europe. This is something that many Americans still understand.

3/26/2009 10:48 PM  
Blogger John Galt said...

The bill does nothing. It's a useless piece of political grandstanding. Federal law already makes illegal recognizing any foreign currency in the US (and then we have what is essentially a multi-national corporation issuing a legal fiction called a Federal Reserve Note, anyway), and her "bill" is only a resolution reminding the President of what the law already is, and suggesting that we should consider limiting the President's authority to enter into treaties regarding adopting a new currency:
It appears that Rep. Bachmann is unaware that international currencies already exist, such as the IMF's "special drawing rights."
The point isn't the currency. The point is that the Fed and Treasury decide these things already, through current policy. They have engineered, and cooperated with Congress in engineering, a situation in which the USD is extremely likely to become so worthless that we will all be relieved to see it go. She doesn't even seem to understand that when Geithner--who's a disgusting, inept bankster's scullery maid--says "global currency," he's much more likely to be talking about the global reserve currency than what's used here at home. She's so out of touch, she thinks the Constitution still actually governs here. Until we reassert control over the money supply and federal debt, which has gotten so far out of control while remaining under the radar, all the Supreme Court constitutional decisions amount to a hill of beans.

Did you read the article, G-Man? Read it all the way to the end, and see why I keep saying, until we abolish the Fed, or find ways to drastically restrict its authority, nothing else can be safeguarded.

So no, I'm not impressed by Rep. Bachmann's conservative credentials. She needs to do her homework before she talks publicly; if she wants to raise awareness, there's only one issue worth spending her political capital on, at this point. Let her educate the public, as I agree with you needs to happen. Just let her educate herself, first.

3/27/2009 1:10 PM  
Blogger G-Man said...

John Galt, you've completely missed my point. Call it grandstanding if you wish, but Bachmann is masterfully driving the discourse. With this Congress, it's a waste of time to try to abolish the fed. You must recognize that there is no fair shot for serious bills offered by Republicans in a Pelosi controlled Congress.

The first thing Republicans need to do is to drive public opinion against the socialization of America, hopefully to the point that southern Blue Dog Democrats will challenge the administration. And, some are.

I'm not disagreeing with the issues that you raise about the fed. It's good to raise awareness. But, it's a nonstarter to expect a congressional fix at this time. We need to win back Congress first and to do so, the public needs to start second-guessing The One.

Right now, grandstanding may be the best tool we have. Obama and Company are trying to turn America into Europe and Bachmann's bill serves to highlight this. That was it's intent. We will need to build on this theme with socialized health care and cap-and-trade – two issues that Congress will be addressing next week.

Set aside any expectations that you have about serious congressional debate over serious issues – at least while Democrats control Congress. I don't want to alarm you, but there's politics going on in Congress and we need to do some politicking of our own to win it back.

For example. Congress recently passed a bill to tax certain bonuses at a 90% rate. This shocked Americans and underscored how far Democrats will go to socialize the nation. This move has backfired on Democrats. They really didn't want to alienate the more moderate Blue Dog Democrats or their numerous wealthy donors who enjoy bonuses. To this end, Democrats just let the bill die in the Senate.

It is important to note that it was the passage of this bill that led to the backfire. After all, Democrats have a well earned reputation for saying one thing and doing another.

Now, understand what happened here. Pelosi set the bar for passage at 2/3 of the vote, not a simple majority. Democrats don't control 2/3 of the House. The bar was set so high with the expectation that all Republicans would oppose it. First, this spares Democrats the wrath of wealthy donors. Second, they could then blame Republicans for "siding with greedy executives".

But, a bunch of Republicans foiled their plan by helping it pass. (No Minnesota Republican voted for it.) I contend that House Republican votes for this bill was a strategic political move to make Democrats regret getting what they asked for, then to continue the debate in the Senate after the backlash took hold.

Politics isn't pretty. We can't expect it to be.

3/27/2009 10:53 PM  

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