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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kathleen Soliah got off easy...

...and deserves all derision and public ridicule that comes her way (Soliah's use of the very Minnesotan sounding "Sara Jane Olson" alias while she was on the lam is just too cute and cynical).

Too many liberal activist judges and attorneys in our justice system can help put someone away forever for non-payment of taxes, theft, or property crimes, yet those guilty of murder, attempted murder, and terrorism often get the proverbial slap on the wrist in many cases.

I'm tired about the liberal whining about the impact of Soliah's incarceration on her family. What about Myrna Opsahl and the joys of living she and her family were deprived of by Soliah and her associates?

Blogger Aaron Goldstein puts it well in the above linked post at IC Blog:
After all, Sara Jane Olson did not answer for her crimes for nearly a quarter century. She got to travel and raise a family. As of today she gets to serve her parole in her home state of Minnesota despite objections from Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and state law enforcement.

Myrna Opsahl never got to travel much less continue to raise her children. However, I suspect if Opsahl's family had raised more of a fuss perhaps Olson will still be behind bars. However, her widower and one of her sons seem content to let things be. Of course, I'm not in their shoes and hope it's a position in which I am never put. But if Myrna Opsahl were still alive she would have been 76 years old. There is no statute of limitations on murder for a reason. Myrna Opsahl was cheated out of the best years of her life while Sara Jane Olson gets to enjoy hers.
Rest in peace, Myrna Opsahl.


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