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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama: Thank me very much

It appears like The One parrots whatever his teleprompter tells him to say.

At least when Sara Palin's teleprompter got messed up at the RNC convention she had the smarts and skills to wing it without most people even being aware of a problem. Amazing what poise, original thought, and belief in what one is saying can accomplish.

Just imagine the media reaction if President Bush had done this...


Anonymous John from Anoka said...

It makes me happy to think that the neo-Right has lost so much ground that they are reduced to writing about stuff like this. Read: "8 years of Bushisms." Our former leader owned this type of humor you write about.

And speaking of gimmicks, that is exactly all your party has offered lately. You guys claim to ignore the polls and the mainstream media, yet you're all suckers for them:

-The left brings out Clinton, so you think we want women, hence Palin is introduced.
Note: This effectively killed the "political experience trumps ideas" argument you could have used well during the campaign).

-The left brings out Obama, and all of a sudden your leaders think we need more black, so Michael Steele is elected president of the committee.
P.S. Steele vs. "drug-addict" Limbaugh is very entertaining.

-Out comes Bobby Jindal, but 'nuff said... I'd fall asleep at the keyboard writing about him.

But wow, impressively there has been more diversity in the past 3 months than I've ever seen in the history of the Republican party!!!!

That is great but...

My point is that the Republican party is officially lame. Nowadays it has nothing to offer young voters and the middle-class. It's too much about money [increasingly in the hands of a few], and [the Christian] religion.

It is no longer the party of Reagan. You guys grow as much gov't as liberals do, but in different sectors.

Sadly, this young voter sees no future for a party so obsessed with looks and gimmicks.

3/21/2009 2:16 AM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

The current leadership of the Republican party has engaged in some of what you bring up, which is why we Conservatives are trying to change things. We are very critical of RINOs and big government types and are attempting to take our party back.

The point of the post was to show just one small example of the double standard of the mainstream media. At the rate Obama is going the "4 years of Obamaisms" book in progress will be thicker than the Bush book in 6 months. In just a few weeks in office this clown has been an epic failure.

As far as "diversity" goes, what is so desirable about diversity for the sake of diversity? If one promotes the best person for the job diversity eventually takes care of itself. Palin was/is vastly more qualified for the Presidency than the poser we currently have in the office. Period. Do liberals have a problem with a strong woman? There is a difference between a strong woman whose strength comes from her ideas and the liberal idea of a strong woman whose "strength" is being a militant feminist ball-buster with little in the way of substantive ideas.

For the most part people who have money generally earned it. One doesn't acquire real wealth by holding out their hand to government. Christian values conceived and built this nation. One does not have to be a Christian to live here, but Christian values are a big reason that one can live in liberty and be a success regardless of their religious beliefs.

3/21/2009 7:36 AM  
Blogger G-Man said...

Young John demonstrates what's scary about today's youth. First, he judges politicians by what they offer. Second, he demonstrates a poor understanding of history.

Hey John, stop looking for politicians to offer you something. For a country built on the idea that everyone is entitled to freedom, you should consider looking for politicians who are dedicated to getting government out of your way – and protecting your right to pursue your own American Dream. To that end, it is about money. Money is the fruit of you labor and true conservatives think you have the right to earn as much as your ambitions, your talents, and your hard work provides.

Too may young have such little grasp on the facts. Contrary to the popular media mantra, the Bush tax cuts did more to help the poor, and the middle class than it did to help the wealthy. These cuts were across the board. Because the minimum taxable income was raised, millions no longer pay income taxes. Further, the percentage of cuts for the lower brackets were higher than those for the upper brackets. In the end, the wealthiest Americans now pay more of the taxes collected by the IRS than ever before.

If diversity for diversity sake mattered, there was more diversity in the upper ranks of the Bush administration than the Clinton administration that preceded it. I'd argue more than Obama's as well, but we don't know that yet. He's still trying to find candidates who actually paid their taxes.

Along with a lack of history, there is the inability to reason – to apply logic to facts. President Bush grew the government greater than conservatives liked. But, it's nothing compared to Obama and Company. Deficit spending can (but not always) be a good indicator of government growth. Under Republicans, in 2006, the deficit was $250 billion. After two years of Democrat control of Congress, it grew to $600 billion 2008. True, Bush was still president, but Democrats blocked his economic policy and unwittingly assumed ownership of the consequences. After only a month of Democrats controlling the White House, the deficit has soared past a $TRILLIAN! Now Democrats are talking about more spending and more government programs. It simply defies logic to suggest that Republicans grew government as much as liberals.

I realize the youth of today is accustomed to being entertained and easily confuses stage performance for knowledge. Hollywood is full of talented actors who can entertain and move you, but in the end, they are still reading someone else's words. The more Obama speaks, the more evident it becomes that his stage performance is also dependent upon someone else feeding him his lines. Criticize President Bush's colloquialism all you want, but you must acknowledge that Bush didn't need someone else to tell him how to articulate his own views.

Last note, do you really want to invite the comparison of drug use between Rush and Obama? There is huge difference between Rush's addiction to pain killers legally prescribed to manage chronic back pain and Obama's abuse of illegally acquired illicit drugs consumed purely for recreation.

3/22/2009 1:25 AM  
Blogger G-Man said...

One more thing for John from Anoka. Try reading Governor Jindal's response to Obama's almost the State of the Union speech and tell us what's wrong with its content. Does the comprehension of ideas really require an effective oratory cadence?

3/22/2009 1:30 AM  

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