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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Obama's Gang Is Taking Over

You can take the politician out of Chicago, but you can't take Gangster Politics out of the Chicago politician. President Obama and his left-hand man Rahm are determined to run the country. Not govern, mind you, but control all that they can grab.

There are many lessons to be learned about how Obama turned General Motors into Government Motors or, more accurately, Gangster Motors. Lessons that we should heed before giving his Congressional Mob more power over our lives – such as regulating the health care services that we seek.

LESSON 1: Politicians run government. The more things that government controls, the more things that politicians control.

LESSON 2: The politician's Number One Constituent is the politician himself (or herself). Politicians who seek greater regulatory control will always do so for the benefit of those who fund their campaigns and put them in office.

LESSON 3: Government intervention gives politicians the power to pick winners and losers in private enterprise.

Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann (R) articulates LESSON 3 in action with the new Gangster Motors:

If left unfettered, this is a sign of things to come.

By controlling GM, politicians have more power to control what we buy. They have already killed the Hummer and shut down many of your local GM and Chrysler dealers. Fewer choices in cars and fewer choices in dealers. Look for higher prices (or taxes) for those cars that aren't blessed by Algore's Chicken Little followers in Congress.

Which leads us to another lesson:

LESSON 4: Politicians control choice by limiting it. In everything they touch – from current regulations on health care insurance, to drilling and refining oil, to GM and Chrysler – the choices in products and services available to the public have been limited by politicians. While the free-market exists to satisfy consumer demand, it is the nature of politicians to stifle it through regulation.

Government isn't what made America great. Personal freedom is. And the free-market is personal freedom in action. It is the means by which free people pursue the American Dream. It is also the antithesis of tyranny. A government bent on controlling its populace will aggressively seek to destroy the free-market – and personal freedom with it.

Politicians helped drive GM and Chrysler to collapse so they can come to the rescue by taking over. They are using the same template to take full control of the health care industry.

Let me be clear. It is not their mission to fulfill consumer demand for health care services. It is their mission to control it.

As we learned in LESSON 4, politicians control using limits. This is a service industry. They cannot force doctors and nurses to serve. A closer look at Obamacare (and Hillarycare before it) reveals plans to limit what doctors can practice and what they can earn. Yet there are no limits on ambulance chasing among the lawyers who fund Democrats in Congress (see LESSON 2). Together, this control will make the medical profession less profitable for those who serve it. Doctors and nurses – particularly the good ones – will seek other professions and medical school will attract fewer students. The result? Long waits and less service for those who need medical attention.

When you think government run health care, think politician run health care. This is no cure. It's new form of cancer on personal freedom.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

GREAT post. To bad everyone who voted for Oh,Bummer can't {or won't} read it.

7/25/2009 7:28 PM  

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