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Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Brighton Elections Non-Partisan? Exhibit A: Mayor Steve Larson

(Part 2 of a series)

Our current mayor, Steve Larson, is a text book example of a liberal DFL hack who tries to portray himself as a mainstream moderate. In spite of his defensive "I'm not a liberal!" outburst at a New Brighton town hall meeting a few years ago where he totally lost his cool (just an expression - "Mayor Larson" and "cool" are generally mutually exclusive concepts) when a citizen persistently questioned his actions on the city council, Mayor Larson's public record is strongly indicative of a liberal DFLer.

Larson has a history of being a big fan and supporter of the League of Minnesota Cities, clearly a liberal organization that unabashedly supports the interests and propagation of big government over private property rights and individual liberty (such as providing helpful hints on "defensive government" like how to implement unpopular eminent domain actions and deal with the resulting outrage of citizens).

Our mayor has also never been shy or hesitant to lobby the Minnesota Legislature or members of the Minnesota congressional delegation (usually the more liberal DFLers) to shamelessly beg for grants, hand-outs, and specialized legislation to bail out or clean up after failed policies that he championed. Apparently as long as money comes from taxpayers that he doesn't have to answer directly to at election time he's all for getting as much of it as possible.

Finally, applying the old adage that "a picture is worth a thousand words", check out this (click on the photo to enlarge):

Apparently Mr. Non-Partisan was on Madame Mao's Minnesota Steering Committee. Count how many times "DFL" appears on the linked page and how many prominent liberals are members of this motley group.

Can one really be expected to believe this depicts a "non-partisan"? I'd like to know just how much monetary contribution or political capital is required to capture a moment like this with the Ice Queen. I'm sure Hillary is also non-partisan and a consensus builder.

Mr. Larson is apparently so proud of his photo-(fl)op he added it to his Facebook picture collection twice:

Clearly, Mayor Larson is a prototypical big government liberal. Just because he doesn't run for re-election under a DFL endorsement will not make him any less a liberal partisan. Mr. Larson has the right to hold any political beliefs he wants, but don't ever buy the non-partisan song and dance.

The question voters need to ask themselves is given the tough economic times and problems the city is facing, many of which were primarily caused by liberal government policies, do we really want a liberal sitting in the Mayor's chair? Especially a liberal with an embarrassingly lame record in office, having been on the wrong side of so many city council decisions over nearly a quarter century of involvement in city government.

Hopefully voters have finally had enough.

More to come...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this priceless photo taken at a benefit for Hillary's new cause, the Baby Sitter's Convention?

10/20/2009 9:45 AM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

That would be a good question to ask the mayor at the next candidate forum as he seems rather proud of it.

10/20/2009 9:58 AM  

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