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Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Brighton "Non-Partisan" City Elections - A matter of picking the right partisans

(Final post of the series)

The previous posts of this series highlighted three of the nine candidates involved in the New Brighton Mayoral and City Council races, pointing out just how partisan these candidates are in the "non-partisan" election. As I noted in the introductory post to the series, I am all for partisanship as it provides a good criteria to judge which of the candidates deserve our votes. I chose to feature the candidates that I did based on how far from the type of partisan they appeared to be from the type of partisans I want to see elected next Tuesday.

It's interesting to note that I selected the candidates I was going to put the spotlight on before former Mayor Bob Benke, who is as hard-core partisan to the left as I am to the right, made his endorsements known in the local papers. The fact that we both identified the same three candidates for opposite reasons indirectly validates both of our choices, as my picks validate the liberal bona fides of his selections and his endorsements confirm that I picked the right ones to identify as the worst choices in the election.

I want to see highly partisan Conservatives in the Mayor's office and in the council seats, simply because much of the trouble the city has gotten itself into over the last decade or so can be attributed to liberal policies enacted by those who had the majorities to get it done. It makes no sense to expect or trust the same people largely responsible for the mess, or those newcomers who will more than likely think and act in the same way, to all of the sudden have the wisdom, skills, judgment, and motivation to clean it up.

True Conservative policies (as opposed to wishy-washy nonsense like "compassionate conservatism", "a new tone", or "middle of the road moderation") work every time they are implemented while liberalism/socialism/statism (or whatever one wants to call it) has invariably been an epic failure when implemented on a large scale or over a long period of time.

With so many candidates in the City Council race the choices voters have cover the whole spectrum from hard right, to hard left, as well as a couple of candidates who have staked out the political middle of the road (which in the real-world analog is often marked by a yellow stripe and is a place where road kill ends up at ambient temperature). Gina Bauman has the proven experience, Conservative creds, and public record that clearly indicates that she has earned another term. She kept the promises she made in the last election (primarily fighting for fiscal responsibility and putting an end to eminent domain abuse). If the Conservative base gets out and votes we will make it official.

The decision on how to replace Sharon Doffing won't be as easy, but there appears to be a few candidates with the background, intelligence, and aptitude to do the job. There is room for reasonable people to disagree here as to which of the candidates is the best choice (as is the case within the Conservative crowd I hang with), but if good Conservatives get out and vote their conscience we will hopefully end up with a worthy replacement. On the down side, with the large field there are enough candidates who will almost certainly propagate the status quo or even make things worse if they end up getting elected.

The mayoral race, on the other hand, is pretty much black and white with absolutely no gray area. Voters need to ask themselves if as a city we want to continue with an inept career politician who as been a main driver of regrettable policy from the Mayor's chair, or do we actively look to switch to someone with a good private sector track record for getting the kind of work done that will be needed to undo the damage inflicted by the past decisions and policies?

If the people of New Brighton are paying attention and give the question any thought at all Dave Jacobsen is clearly the better choice - again it will be up to those of us in the Conservative base to get out and make it happen. The last time around 55% of those who voted wanted someone other than Larson, but the three-way contest split the vote just enough for "Landslide" Larson to slip back into office. This time in a one-on-one contest with a vastly superior choice for our side hopefully things will turn out better for the current and future residents of New Brighton.

By the way, did I mention I'm partisan on who I am supporting in the election? Hopefully a majority of the voters will also be both partisan and on the right side (in more ways than one) of the issues.

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