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Friday, October 23, 2009

New Brighton Races Non-Partisan? Exhibit B: City Council Candidate Graeme Allen

(Part 3 of a series)

Graeme Allen appears to be a nice, thoughtful young man running for his first elected office. He is obviously well educated, polite, and affable. So what wouldn't there be to like? Well (a little nostalgic throwback to the days when we had a real president), he also is claiming that he will be non-partisan [cue the laugh track here].

On his campaign blog Allen states the following in a post announcing a fundraiser:
I'd love to have a chance to talk with you about my ideas for growth opportunities in New Brighton, my plans for city outreach to the schools as well as my pledge to put aside personal politics and put a non-partisan focus on the important issues facing the city today.
That sound you now may be hearing is more than likely your Bravo Sierra detector going off.

His choice of venue for his fundraiser in-and-of-itself immediately hoists a huge red-flag as to how non-partisan he and his supporters really are (hint: not very). It also shows questionable judgment on his part regarding where one goes to get good coffee in New Brighton :) .

A little on-line research into Mr. Allen brings up several strong indicators that he is an ambitious young liberal activist. According to his LinkedIn page, he is currently the "Director of Government Relations" at Minnesota State University Student Association. For those of you who don't speak bureaucratese, Mr. Allen is a lobbyist, and, at that, a lobbyist for an institution within the "education community" (as an amusing and ironic aside, check out the example the Urban Dictionary gives within its definition of "Bravo Sierra" if you have not already clicked the link above - honestly, I did not know this until after I had linked it). These folks are not generally known as a fraternity of right wingers. Allen emphasizes in his campaign literature that he learned many of his values and beliefs from his parents, who are both "educators". It would be interesting to know if the term "educators" refers to teachers, administrators, bureaucrats in the education industry, and/or whatever else.

Allen states in his campaign literature his belief that city government needs to "invest" (this is liberal-speak for "spend copious amounts of your tax dollars") in "education". Liberals typically can't grasp the concept that government at any level cannot and does not invest in anything - it does not create wealth and can only spend the money and consume the wealth of the taxpayers. Just <earmuffs>wtf</earmuffs> does his "plans for city outreach to the schools" in the above quote from his blog mean in the context of a city council race (other than, of course, that he is a "all good flows from the government" liberal)? There are many liberals/socialists/statists running for the School Board in this election, but Allen is running for New Brighton City Council. It seems he is trolling for votes from the crowd responsible for the liberal indoctrination and spending orgy that goes on at the School Board.

I'm all for providing our children with the opportunity to get a good education (as opposed to supporting the liberal education industry, which is nothing but a political power and influence vehicle for the left-wing), but someone needs to explain to Mr. Allen that "education" is outside the scope and responsibility of city government (duh!). To me his bringing up the topic of education as one of his main reasons for running for city council indicates that he is pretty clueless as to the legitimate purpose of city government. My guess is that he is gratuitously throwing out the issue to attract votes from the liberal "education community", who generally view the nebulous concept of "education" as sacrosanct in any context.

LinkedIn also reveals that Allen has also served as the "Volunteer Manager at Mike Erlandson for US Representative". Erlandson was the chief of staff to the ultra-liberal former US Representative Martin Olav Sabo, as well as serving in his more widely known position as chair of the Minnesota DFL from 1999-2005 (an organization Mr. Allen also logged some time in as an intern). I'm pretty confident that Allen did not attend many College Republican meetings in his student days and that he does not have a framed portrait of Ronald Reagan on his desk.

Graeme Allen is clearly a very bright and likeable guy, but "non-partisan" is a stretch to the point of being laughable. His youth and idealism may make him naive enough to honestly think he is or can be non-partisan, but anyone with the long term exposure to the mentally pathogenic kind of liberal ideology he is known to have had will almost certainly vote as a partisan liberal once in elected office.

In a sputtering economy and with the complex problems facing the city, do we need another liberal on the City Council? Virtually all of the problematic issues the city needs to deal with were largely caused or worsened by liberal policies emanating from all levels of government. Putting yet another liberal in city government would be like throwing gasoline on the fire. Haven't the residents of New Brighton already been burned enough by liberal thinking and policies? As in the case of Mayor Larson, don't buy this "non-partisan" ploy by Graeme Allen. There is ample evidence that he will govern like a liberal if elected,

If you're not yet convinced that Graeme Allen (partisan or not) is not a good choice to sit on the City Council, check out the endorsement for Mr. Allen in this week's Sun Focus by none other than Bob "the Builder" Benke, the former (thank God!) New Brighton mayor who was one of the primary archi-wrecks of what some New Brightonians refer to as the "Benkeville" area of town (aka the Northwest Quadrant).

Benke, a highly partisan liberal power broker, appears to still have a lot of influence at City Hall, particularly with our current mayor. If the citizens of New Brighton are paying attention in this election and want to start cleaning up the mess started under Mayor Benke and perpetuated under Mayor Larson, an endorsement by Bulldozer Bob should be the kiss of death to any campaign for elected office in New Brighton. The Benke-Larson cabal needs to be dismantled, not passed on to a new generation of central-command-and-control government liberals.

More to come in the next installment...

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