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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Brighton Races Non-Partisan? Exhibit C: City Council Candidate Char Samuelson

(Part 4 of a series)

Char Samuelson is a former member of the New Brighton City Council as well as a two-term State Representative from District 50B. On her run for the Minnesota House she ran as a Republican. So, are we looking at a partisan Republican right-winger here? Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Char is definitely a partisan, not so much in terms political ideology, but rather in the belief that government and more of it is the answer to many societal problems. In her tenure in the State House she had the well deserved reputation of being a RINO (Republican in Name Only), voting with the DFL on nanny state legislation and running up a mediocre-at-best record on her votes regarding taxes and spending. We could have done worse, as was later proven without a doubt by Kate Knuth, but Samuelson certainly did not show deeply held Conservative convictions.

In the 2005 Taxpayers League of Minnesota Legislative Scorecard she scored a pathetic 33% rating for 2005 (the lowest for a Republican) with an anemic lifetime rating of only 66%. It is also interesting to note that Samuelson was the only one at the candidate forums to publicly state that she would vote to raise taxes "if necessary".

But don't just take my word for it that Char is would more than likely vote in step with the old guard. From former Mayor Bob Benke, a highly partisan liberal and primary perpetrator of the failed Northwest Quadrant redevelopment project, in his endorsement of Samuelson in both of the local papers last week (my emphasis added):
I also highly recommend a vote for returning Char Samuelson to the council after an absence while serving in the Legislature and many other ways in New Brighton. She also has proven to have sound judgment, dedication and fiscal restraint. She proved her mettle when in the Legislature, making tough votes that drew the ire of her Republican colleagues. She deserves your vote for council.
Benke touting her judgment and "fiscal constraint" (downright laughable, considering the source) should raise a huge red flag. The fact that Bob the Builder is confident she will vote the "right" way and praises her for wandering off of the Republican reservation indicates she will continue to be part of the problem rather than helping to clean up the mess at City Hall.

Bulldozer Bob's endorsement alone should remove Samuelson from serious consideration for the office by any Conservative or Republican voter. Char Samuelson was part of the problem on the City Council when the city ignored market and industry experts and started down the road of eminent domain abuse and fiscal irresponsibility with the Northwest Quadrant project. By including her on his City Council Dream Team along with Mayor Larson and the liberal council candidate Graeme Allen, Benke has probably pounded the final nail into the casket of her campaign if the people of New Brighton are paying attention.

Char Samuelson is a nice lady and has held office officially as a Republican, but has demonstrated that she is not a Republican, let alone Conservative, partisan but rather one of a big government nanny stater. There is little doubt on how she will vote if elected to the council. Her yard currently sports a "Larson for Mayor" sign, and has displayed the signs of the current council old guard in past elections when clearly better choices were available for Conservative voters. Clearly, she will be an extension of past Council failures rather than a force for positive change.

More to come...the wrapup.

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Blogger Mr. D said...

Good post, RH. Sad but true.

10/29/2009 7:39 AM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

Have you checked your door today? At least in my neighborhood the campaign literature of Mayor Larson, Char Samuelson, and Graeme Allen was being distributed as a bundle. This should remove any doubt one may have had about Char(len) Samuelson being a Republican turncoat or any expectation she would ally with those on the council advocating fiscal responsibility and a fresh look at what to do about the NWQ.

It's time to retire this RINO retread from public office.

10/31/2009 7:52 PM  

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