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Monday, November 09, 2009

Fort Hood Shootings In a Nutshell

I’m going to play amateur psychologist and sum up the Fort Hood shootings. Army Major Nidal Hasan is a practicing Muslim who opened fire on his fellow soldiers, killing many, wounding many. Let’s be frank. He was not insane. This was premeditated. He did not expect to survive. He fully expected to check out. Hassan had given himself a suicide mission.

The key part of this is that Hasan was Muslim. A fact which the liberal media tries to sanitize.

Let’s compare and contrast. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, it is a sin to commit suicide or to murder. That kind of behavior merits the opposite of heaven. But in the Islamic tradition, as proved by terrorists over and over, if one rationalizes the suicide and murder as a religious imperative, then one supposedly goes straight to heaven. What a deal.

So in this case, Hasan was getting frustrated with life and his responsibilities, decided to do something “holy” for Allah, was fairly certain he would not survive, thus taking a straight path to eternal bliss.

Let’s be blunt again. In the western tradition, Hasan was an out-and-out coward. No guts because he was not supposed to feel any pain, or take any consequences for his actions. He was supposed to get away with causing others a great deal of anguish, making a name for himself, and earning the outspoken praise of Islamic radicals, as well as the quiet appreciation of other Islamics around the world. He was supposed to be a great man in death.

Except the dumbell survived. Perhaps to face earthly justice. Which will surely be mild and politically correct. Mild indeed compared to what happened to his victims and their families.


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