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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Get Out and Vote Today!

Please make every effort to get out and vote today. We have the opportunity to elect Dave Jacobsen as our new mayor and to return Gina Bauman to the City Council. If all of us who support Dave and Gina get out and vote we have a good chance of at long last getting a mayor and council that will be able to move the city out of the state of economic stagnation and diminished respect for private property rights characteristic of the Benke-Larson years.

Like a baseball player trying to get on base in a critical situation, we stand a better chance to get the government we want by stepping up to the plate and taking our swings than we do by sitting back and hoping for a walk. There are no guarantees the election will come out the way most of us would like it to, but the chances are much better if all of us like-minded people get out and vote rather than leaving it to others to vote in our interests.

Sometimes even the best ball players strike out, but it's much easier to live with the result after going down swinging than it is getting called out without even getting the bat off of the shoulder.

Let's get out and make it happen. If we're too lazy to get out and vote for the government we want we deserve whatever we end up getting.

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