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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

New Brighton Elects New Mayor, Re-Elects Council Member

New Brighton mayoral challenger Dave Jacobsen defeated incumbent Steve Larson. Jacobsen received 57% of the vote to Larson's 43%. Larson did a little better today than he did two yeas ago when two challengers split the opposition vote.  Update: Larson received 45% of the vote in 2007. He did worse yesterday than I originally thought.

Voters also re-elected Gina Bauman to the city council. Gina received the second most votes with 1100.

Challenger Char Samuelson received the most votes with 1210 and will fill the seat vacated by Sharon Doffing. Samuelson is actually winning her old seat back. In 2002, while holding this office, she ran for and won the House District 50B seat in the Minnesota State House of Representatives. A year later, Doffing won this seat to finish out Samuelson's term. Doffing then won re-election in 2005.

Newcomer Paul Jacobsen received 1016 votes.  A respectable showing for his first time, but not good enough for only there were only two seats up for election.

For the freedom loving conservatives in New Brighton, the election of Jacobsen and re-election of Bauman is huge. Samuelson may have benefited from name recognition and her four year stint in the legislature as a Republican (sometimes in name only). She was backed in this race by the Bob Benke-Steve Larson DFL leaning mini-machine. Had Larson been re-elected, I fully expected Samuelson to support his initiatives. It will be interesting to see if Benke and Larson attempt some behind-the-scenes influence on the city council through Samuelson.

For New Brighton election results, click here.

Mounds View School Board District 621

As of this writing, it appears that the incumbants of the Mounds View School board have won re-election.  Follow the results here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's nice to finally see that you Republicans finally ADMIT you now know that Char Samuelson is a Democrat in reality but you gave her the Republican title to wear. She was only elected in this DFL stronghold because of her Democrat alliances-good old boys. Char Samuelson was seated retaining highest votes only because she recieved DFL and Republican leadership endorsements-both sides!
Now,are you going to do a fact check on Councilmember Gina Bauman's literature & blog? Please! The wool has been pulled over the eyes of Republicans in NB far too long!

11/04/2009 9:48 PM  
Blogger G-Man said...

ADMIT? If you think this blog is devoted to loyally cheer leading Republicans, think again. We're loyal to conservative principles in government and routinely call out Republicans when they stray.

When politicians gain public office, the loudest voices they most often hear are those seeking a hand-out. Republicans aren't immune to this leftward temptation. It is rare to find a Republican candidate who will faithfully seek to reduce their power while in office. Contrary to popular belief, there's no conservative candidate factory from which we can manufacture the ideal Republican to represent us.

To her credit, State Representative Char Samuelson cast the right votes on the big issues during Governor Pawlenty's more conservative first term. Remember when he balanced a post-9/11 era $4 billion debt without raising taxes? Samuelson was a part of that effort. Her shift toward RINO status came later and was not one members of this blog supported.

If there was a more conservative candidate willing to represent HD50B in 2002 and 2004, it would have been helpful if he or she came forward. Still, this district, including conservatives, were far better represented in the House by Char than DFLer Geri Evans whom she twice defeated.

Contrary to your assertion, Samuelson was not given the Republican title to wear in this election and I'm unaware of Republicans endorsing her. This blog did not.

As for fact-checking Bauman's literature, exactly what are you able to see when you peer through the wool? What are the facts that you dispute?

11/04/2009 11:51 PM  
Blogger Mr. D said...

G-Man is right; in large measure, politics is about who is willing to show up and do the work, especially at the local level.

Char was at best a moderate Republican. Would I prefer her in the legislature to Geri Evans or Kate Knuth? Of course. And it's not even close. Char might not do the right thing at the end, but she'll at least listen.

And I'm with G-Man regarding Gina Bauman. Please explain Gina's heresies to those of us with wool over our eyes.

11/05/2009 6:04 AM  
Blogger Right Hook said...

I assure you that the people on this blog are not among Char Samuelson's favorite Republicans. When she was in office, as she was drifting further and further to the left I was a persona non grata regular caller to her office and writer to her e-mail warning her that the base was not happy with her work. We have called her out in the past for her RINOism and will continue to do so.

I too would like to know what you find objectionable with Bauman's positions and statements. Better yet, ask her yourself via her site or through Enlighten New Brighton and you'll more than likely get a direct response.

It was critical to Conservatives and Republicans that Bauman was re-elected, especially since we will no longer have Doffing on the council. We upgraded greatly in the Mayor's seat, maintained the excellence in relecting Gina, and took a hit with Samuelson replacing Doffing, but overall made forward progress.

I would have liked to have Jacobsen or Witzke as the other council member, but it didn't work out. There is another election in two years and we will have the opportunity to oust Mary Burg, perhaps with Jacobsen, Witzke, or some other Conservative.

11/05/2009 9:09 AM  

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