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Monday, February 08, 2010

Why Representative Kate Knuth must go

The commercial below aired during the Super Bowl. It was meant to sell Audi automobiles, but it also serves as reminder (or a wake-up call to some who are just discovering that the whole climate change "crisis" is based on fraud and bravo sierra, not necessarily in that order) of why Representative Kate Knuth and her fellow radical environmentalist colleagues must be defeated.

While the video is a bit exaggerated (though not all that much considering how hysterical Knuth and her green friends carry on about the subject) it does show where the greenies in government are heading if we don't stop them soon.

Another video by the same group is probably a bit closer to what we really may be seeing in the near future:


Keep in mind this video is intended to be a parody and was produced at private expense to sell a product in the real economy. Similar fare from government house will be produced with the intent of sending a serious message and will be brought to us as taxpayers at our own expense. Such drivel will more than likely be shown just before speeches telling us that we need to pay more taxes to overcome the latest revenue shortfall in a cut to the bone budget.

Governor Pawlenty, why are you not denouncing your previous support for climate change and "green economy" nonsense? Your past endorsement and current silence, especially now that the climate change scam has been thoroughly exposed, provides political cover for climate change clowns like Knuth. Those of us in the Conservative base would appreciate it if you made it very clear to the socialist tree huggers in the legislature that additional economy killing green legislation will get the quick and unceremonious veto immediately upon arrival on your desk.

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