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Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Windmills of Her Mind

I hope you’ve read today’s Star-Tribune article on the failed windmills in the Twin Cities suburbs. They were imported from California and froze up, generating not a single watt of power.

There’s a fix though. The turbines will need a heating element from another power source.

I wanted to put a link to the article, but of course it has disappeared from the StarTribune website after just a few hours online.

I can’t write any more about the inanities of these windmills. They are State Representative Kate Knuth’s baby. She is responsible. She helped author and push the state’s version of cap and trade. This is the absurd result and will only get worse as the mandates get ratcheted up.

The advantages exist only in the windmills of Kate Knuth’s mind!

The smart thing to do is to repeal the mandates now. Kate Knuth should humbly apologize to the populace and admit that none of her mandates will work as planned, in fact they are absurd in the extreme. She should go door to door with her eyes cast down in shame.

But no. That won’t happen. If anything Knuth will attempt to pile on even more stupid environmental mandates.

An election in November can settle the matter for the long term, but that does not prevent Kate Knuth from doing damage in the meantime. What we can do is hold her feet to the fire and remind her that while we are all in favor of a clean environment, we do not need policy based on bad science or bad politics. Like these frozen up windmills.

If Ronald Reagan were here he’d say:

“Kate Knuth, Tear Down These Windmills!”

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