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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Senator Satveer Chaudhary - A Symptom of a Systemic Disease

Those of us critical of Senator Chaudhary have for a long time pointed out his narcissistic, self-serving actions that indicate the elitist view he has of himself and the political class of which he is a member. The senator clearly either doesn’t understand who he works for or has decided to ignore the trust given to him by the voters in favor of advancing his political career.

The latest misstep by Senator Chaudhary in-and-of-itself was not all that big of a transgression relative to some of the bad legislation, graft, and corruption that has come out of the Minnesota Legislature over recent years. I’m far more concerned with how our influence-peddling senator got his offensive legislation into a bill that is currently eligible to be signed into law by the governor.

Perhaps even more culpable than Senator Chaudhary is State Representative David Dill. From the above linked Strib story:
"[Representative Dill being quoted] I was standing at my desk on the House floor with the microphone in my hand, and I looked down and Chaudhary is kneeling next to my desk," said Dill, a DFLer from Crane Lake and the chief House author of the game and fish bill. "It looks pretty awkward, really."

He said Chaudhary told him, "I need you to do this Fish Lake amendment." Dill said he inserted the language as a "courtesy" to the senator. But with controversy erupting in northeastern Minnesota, Dill said, he has since talked to Chaudhary and told him the episode "made me look bad."
"As a courtesy to the senator"? Just what has Chaudhary done in the past to be entitled to such a "courtesy"? Is it merely just because the good senator is a fellow member of the self-perceived elite political class? Or perhaps a lunch-time cribbage buddy, a fellow "avid sportsman", or fellow big government liberal democrat? Was Chaudhary spending some political capital that he "earned" over his long career in Saint Paul, or calling in a political debt (and, if so, how was the debt incurred)? What was Senator Chaudhary’s big rush in getting this relatively innocuous legislation in at the end of this horrible legislative session where obligatory action on many serious and controversial matters was stalled and stagnant? Enquiring minds want to know.

It really doesn’t matter what the reason was that Dill honored Chaudhary’s improper and self-serving request. My bigger concern is the mechanics of how this blatant political influence peddling was executed and how much of the bad legislation that has come out of the legislature in recent years was pushed through by use of similar mechanisms. Is this the way we, the people who own this government, want our legislature to be run?

State government is out of control and governing largely against the will of the people. For those of us who are just trying to make an honest living, support our families, and enjoy our God-given freedoms the legislature certainly has not been working in our interests.

It is imperative that we as citizens and taxpayers take action for or against the elected members of the legislature from our district. While every senator and representative can influence the impact, both good and bad, of government into our daily lives, we as voters can only vote for or against the ones within our political district. If we do our job and the people of other districts take care of business we can wrest control of our government from the political elites and back to we the people.

For those of us in District 50, it’s pretty clear that it is high time Senator Chaudhary is ousted this November after many years of questionable ethics and blatant disregard for the best interests of the people of District 50 and the State of Minnesota.

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Blogger Right Hook said...

Once again Governor Pawlenty has had the good sense to clean up after the DFL:


5/25/2010 8:01 PM  

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