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Friday, June 04, 2010

Ethics? Satveer don't play that!

The good ol’ boys and girls in the Minnesota Senate went through the motions of holding an ethics inquiry into Senator Chaudhary’s transgressions, but in the end they gave him a little love tap rather than a serious smack-down.

From the Fox News affiliate piece linked above:
Because the legislative session is over, the ethics committee can't really do anything. But, they are dishing some advice to Chaudhary, as he negotiates his own slap on the wrist...The committee issued a written advisory saying "...while your conduct did not violate any rule or policy of the senate, it did violate accepted norms of senate behavior and threatened the public confidence in our legislative institution and it's processes."
Duh! Check out the video in the linked piece so see Senator Smug sluff off the advisory. Quoting Senator Chaudhary from the video:
"There's nothing here that says I made this on my own and there was some nefarious plot to improve my own personal fishing. People brought this to me they were interested in it and we acted on it. It was last minute, but that's because the issue came up at the last minute."
The video makes it apparent that Satveer is in the slow class when it comes to ethics. Even most DFLers, a group not known for a staggeringly high average intelligence, seem to get it and apparently considers Mr. Outdoors to be politically radioactive.

If nothing else, the aftermath of this charade of a hearing pretty much ends the speculation that Senator Chaudhary is in position to become the DNR Commissioner if Minnesota voters are brain-dead enough to elect Mark Dayton as governor. Dayton is more than a little goofy but generally considered to be a pretty ethical guy, and clearly wants nothing to do with our ethically challenged senator as reported by those right-wingers at MPR.

It was disappointing, though quite revealing, that the DFL controlled Senate did not think the hearing was newsworthy enough to allow it to be televised (although considering the topic, a liberal career DFLer with an ethics problem, they may have a point).

This has not gone unnoticed by the GOP. From a 6/4 edition of the GOP Newsline e-mail:
Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Tony Sutton issued the following statement regarding the refusal of Senate Media Services to televise the Senate Ethics Subcommittee’s meeting addressing Senator Satveer Chaudhary’s conflict of interest.

"What is the DFL-controlled Senate Media Services hiding and why won’t they televise the ethics hearing regarding Senator Satveer Chaudhary’s sweetheart fishing deal? It is clear that Minnesotans are tuned in to Sen. Chaudhary’s unseemly last-minute, under-the-table deal making and the public deserves to know how the Subcommittee on Ethical Conduct will address the situation. Chaudhary got himself into this mess by not being open and transparent about his provision in the game and fish bill. Now the DFL-controlled Senate is failing to shine sunlight on this DFL scandal by refusing to provide a live video feed of the hearing on a state website so the public can be fully informed."
Nothing but the usual sunshine and openess from the DFL gang in Saint Paul.

But, alas, at least some of the proceedings did get out, courtesy of YouTube (thank you, Algore, for inventing the Internet!):

I couldn't locate Part 3, but if you can make it through the first two parts with minimal gastric distress that's probably enough anyway.

Here are a couple of executive summary length videos on the matter for those of us with limited time and endurance:

Those of us in the Conservative community cannot afford to sit out the upcoming election as so many on our side have done in recent years. We have a great candidate in Gina Bauman with proven Conservative credentials as well as honesty and integrity - essentially everything Chaudhary lacks. The mood of the public, even among hard-left DFLers and those who don't pay a lot attention to politics, is conducive to running this poor excuse for a senator out of office.

We have a great opportunity to give Senator Chaudhary the time to seek out and cultivate the character building experience that often comes with a private sector occupation. Perhaps he could become a contestant in a "Dr. Evil" or Homey D. Clown impersonation contest. He's got the look going for him, as well as the experience of impersonating, albeit rather poorly, a competent senator for many years.

Clearly this clown has got to go!

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