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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Strange Case of Tom Horner, Steve Horner and the Ramsey County Commissioners

Independence Party Candidate for Governor Tom Horner positions himself as a moderate -- in between the conservative Republican and whatever tax and plunder candidate the Democrats come up with. I think I can debunk that idea and maybe even end his candidacy before it gets started.

First of all, Horner’s company, Himle-Horner has thrived on big government, doing hogwash studies telling the liberals in government what they want to hear. He’s already come out in favor of raising some taxes. Which means Horner is in favor of bigger government for government.

Horner is part of the off-the-radar underground getting money for studies. Bigger government means extra spillage at the feeding trough. The more spillage, the more money for him and his ilk.

Here’s a prime example of how Horner works and what it means for big government: In 2007 the Ramsey County Commissioners commissioned him to do a study on commissioner salaries. Of course the purpose was clear from the beginning. The commissioners wanted to raise their own salaries – out of pure greed -- and they needed a study to provide cover. Previously they had relied on a cost of living index to decide their salaries. They wanted to abandon that and go for the big time.

The Horner study looked at Hennepin County and lo and behold that county paid out bigger salaries than Ramsey County (Never mind that each Hennepin County commissioner represented twice as many people.) Not only that, but Horner looked at other counties in other states for a comparison. Lo and behold those counties paid bigger salaries, too. Never mind that the other counties in other states were irrelevant. But the biggest load of hogwash was this: Horner compared the Ramsey county Commissioners to CEOs of corporations because they handled big budgets!

That’s right. The commissioners were CEOs without any of the achievements of a real CEO such as climbing the corporate ladder and proving themselves every day … meeting the challenges of the marketplace, controlling costs and making a profit. No. The commissioners were CEOs simply by spending other people’s money!

This is what the Ramsey County Commissioners wanted to hear from Horner. Lo and behold the commissioners got really big heads. They decided to raise their salaries 25% for 2008.

What a deal. The commissioners can raise their own salaries and taxes at will. And Tom Horner provided the rationale to give them the Big Heads to ignore the regular citizens who pay the bills.

Regular citizens recently weighed in on the salary issue urging the commissioners not raise their salary during this economic downturn. Letters to the editor in major newspapers, citizens appearing at a public hearing last week, and multiple emails all against the raise meant nothing to the brazen Ramsey County commissioners. On Tuesday morning the commissioners decided to raise their own salary another 2%, taking all of 10 seconds of the agenda. No discussion. Thank you Tom Horner for giving the Commissioners the big heads to become shameless.

There’s another bit of news that should chill Horner’s campaign. Tom Horner is the brother of Steve Horner, the lawyer now living in Utah who files complaints with the Human Rights Commission to end – of all things – Ladies’ Nights at local bars. What self-respecting man would do such a thing? I don’t think I could vote for a man that shared the same chromosomes with Steve Horner. Call it weirdness by association.

Horner recently broke off his association with his business, Himle-Horner. But it’s too late. We now know his love for big and dumb government.


Blogger Right Hook said...

Nice post.

This is the kind of stuff the mainstream media fails to cover.

6/23/2010 9:47 PM  

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