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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Support Ed Matthews for Judge

Sometimes important judicial races get lost among the high-profile legislative contests and do not receive the attention and support they warrant. This fall we have an excellent candidate for Ramsey County Judge in Ed Matthews who deserves all of our support. Ed is truly a good guy who "gets it" when it comes to small limited government and the role of the judiciary.

Ed's campaign is based on basic principles: competence, experience, and strict construction of our laws and Constitutions (state and federal) and has earned strong bi-partisan support, including that of four former Minnesota Supreme Court Justices, appointed by three different governors. He also been endorsed by the last two U.S. Attorneys for Minnesota. For complete details on these and other endorsements, please visit Ed's website at www.edforjudge.com.

Some liberal outlets are trying to make the laughable claim that Ed is "running as a Republican" in this non-partisan race. Yes, Ed has run as a Republican candidate for a partisan legislative office in a past election, but the last I heard it is legal for Republicans to run for a non-partisan office.

Not coincidentally, we Conservatives have advocated a non-politicized judiciary rooted in original intent much more than liberals. For the most part the GOP has advocated this Conservative (as opposed to "Republican") position much better than the DFL. It shouldn't be all that much of a concept to master that many of the people who support a just and independent judiciary would also happen to associate with the GOP. There is a much higher incidence of partisan political activism within the judiciary from the left than from the Right. Bad (e.g. liberal and socialist) legislators have caused many problems, but bad and/or activist judges arguably cause just as much or, in some cases, more. Ed is a very intelligent, thoughtful, and hard-working guy who would make the kind of independent judge that we need a lot more of in our over-governed and over-litigious society.

When it comes to the law there is no "Republican" or "Democrat" law - there is only one US Constitution and one Minnesota State Constitution. The ironic thing here is that Ed understands this and would be a positive influence to start returning our judiciary to a non-partisan body that makes decisions based on what the applicable constitution says, not the "social justice" and "voice for the little guy" nonsense that many on the political left advocate. The implication from the left is that Ed's competition in this judicial race is apolitcal while suggesting that Ed would apply justice with a "Republican" bias is a load of Bravo Sierra.

Please help spread the word about Ed's candidacy and remember to vote in the primary on August 10.

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Blogger Bob said...

Ed has the values most of want to see in a judge. Ed has my support.

7/16/2010 8:57 AM  

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