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Monday, August 09, 2010

The 2010 Primary - The first step toward victory in November

The primary election takes place tomorrow, August 10. It is our first opportunity to start undoing the damage that started with the 2006 elections and worsened in 2008 when liberals and socialists gained one-party control of our state and federal governments. The ramifications of this terrible mistake by voters have been painfully obvious. Allowing the left to remain in power for yet another election cycle would compound the damage they have already inflicted and make it even more difficult to restore our lost liberties, wealth, and property rights.

The left gained control via the ballot box and they can taken out of power in the same way. A big reason a lot of these poor excuses for elected office holders rose to political power is that too many of us on the Right were apathetic and unenaged. We allowed the left to frame the debate by letting them get away with outrageous lies and distortions. We allowed moderates and RINOs to take control and define the direction of the GOP and its candidates, and then many of us stayed at home on election night out of spite or disgust. This cannot be allowed to happen again! Our liberty, property, and way of life is at stake, not only for us but for our children and grandchildren.

Although the results won't directly change the course of our government, a primary election can be a powerful means of setting the table for the general election. It can weed out weak candidates who are ostensibly on our side of the political divide in favor of stronger ones, or to promote weaker candidates on the other side to set up a more favorable contest in the general election. Remember how John McCain was foisted upon us in 2008 (and how did that work out for us)?

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. In some cases a good candidate is running unopposed and could potentially benefit much more in the long run by facing off against a weaker opponent in the general election rather than running up an impressive number of primary votes against token or no opposition. In others, good candidates are being challenged by lesser qualified, politically weak, or downright unelectable candidates. Think carefully on how best to use your right to vote to get a general election match-up that would result in removing the bad incumbents and getting good people into office.

Keep in mind that in a primary election in Minnesota you must vote only for candidates in one party (e.g. only DFL or only GOP) when it comes to partisan races. But it is important to remember that there is also a slate of non-partisan races (primarily for judge or county attorney offices) on the flip-side of the ballot that you can, and should make selections from, regardless of how you voted on the partisan side of your ballot. With all of the politicization of the judiciary and legislating from the bench that occurs, particularly from the left, it is important to make sure that the best possible choices for these non-partisan offices end up on the general election ballot.

I strongly recommend checking out these candidates beforehand if possible. Although no political affiliation will be indicated on the ballot, a check of campaign web sites, as well as some local blogs (I have at least one in mind :) ) and a little time with Google can reveal a lot about what kind of judge or county attorney a given candidate will be by who supports them and who they hang with.

Please get out and vote in the primary, regardless of your motivation or strategy, and help to create favorable match-ups for the general election. Conservatives have some excellent candidates this time around and the other side has some real losers in office that were made election winners last time largely through our apathy and inaction. Let's not let it happen again as far too much is at stake.



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