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Friday, September 03, 2010

New Codeword for Redistribution

I interrupt this program to alert you to a new concept and new codeword for redistribution … in our public schools.

Picture a public elementary school somewhere in the metro area. One first grade public school teacher. One intelligent and responsible parent. One enthusiastic kid starting first grade.

The school’s letter to parents was quite explicit. They were to purchase a certain number of a certain kind of pencil, a certain number of glue sticks, a certain number and kind of crayons, and certain color folders. And the parent was supposed to place them in the child’s designated desk on Open House night.

Sounds simple and straightforward. Not.

Unbeknownst to the parents, this was a "Responsive" classroom. So the kid was very surprised when he opened his desk the first day to find that his treasure trove of supplies was missing. Just a few items were in their place.

The "Responsive" teacher in the "Responsive" classroom had confiscated the supplies and threw them into a common drawer which she administered. And to hand out items as she saw fit to any student, regardless of whose parent had bought them in the first place.

No doubt there would be a few needy and forgetful kids in that class. The idea of parents stepping up and buying extra supplies and donating them is not bad at all. If it is done voluntarily and the parents knows about it in advance.

Instead, what the teacher had done was sneaky. Only afterwords explaining the "Responsive" concept. And being careful not to use the words "redistribution" or verboten words such as Socialism or Marxism.

Watch for "Responsive" classrooms in a public school near you.

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Anonymous Carolyn said...

HA! Good one!!

9/04/2010 10:33 AM  

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