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Friday, September 03, 2010

Representative Kate Knuth and her liberal cronies put up another goose egg

The Taxpayers League of Minnesota has published their annual Legislative Scorecard and District 50B Representative Kate Knuth has yet again posted a shutout against her constituents.

Our orange attired green garotter repeated her past performances with another 0-for-15 when it came to votes in the best interests of the taxpayers. With her latest non-performance Kate maintains her lifetime "zero" rating with the Taxpayers League, a fitting tribute to such a poor excuse for a representative of the people.

Joining Kate in the "Perfect Zeroes" club is District 50A Representative Carolyn Laine, the other half of the Beavis and Butthead team (I'll leave it to the reader to decide which is which) that currently represents District 50 in the Minnesota House. Maybe there's something in the water in this area that has escaped Kate's scrutiny (she's always looking for some new pollutant to combat via another tax or business killing regulation) as Tom Tilberry, who some understandably have dubbed "Tommie the Commie", in District 51A also qualifies as a perfect zero, along with four more uber liberals in the House for this dishonor.

The legislative contingent for District 50 has been controlled for years by central command-and-control big government advocates. It is long overdue to replace clowns like Knuth and Laine with intelligent hard-working people with good practical judgment who will advance the will of the people instead of goofy liberal pipe dreams or the desires of left-wing special interests.

More to come...

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