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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Barb Goodwin, MCCL, and Unborn Corn

There's more to that interview Barb Goodwin, DFL candidate for State Senate District 50, gave to Atheists for Human Rights (see my previous post). Goodwin went on to criticize Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life because they "took a neutral stand" on a bill to restrict prenatal care to illegal aliens. For this, she accused MCCL of practicing "situational ethics" by not supporting this "life saving bill".

Let's be fair. The bill in question was an effort to prevent citizens from a foreign country from illegally sneaking across the border to receive non-emergency medical care paid for by Minnesota taxpayers. This was an illegal immigration bill that had nothing to do with promoting or restricting abortion – which is the concern of MCCL. It is beyond MCCL's mission to address such legislation. Goodwin again resorts to pretzelian logic bending to find a reason to accuse MCCL of hypocrisy on its pro-life position. But then, bent logic is the only kind of logic that Democrats understand.
I would have actually more respect for them [MCCL], in the twenty years that I've been around the legislative process, cause I worked at the House for several years and I've been in office for six, I never once, once, not once seen them come to the legislature and support child care, support anti-abuse, [support] domestic abuse issues, support education, support health care for children, not one time in twenty years it's all about abortion and I would have respect for them if I could see some consistency in their thought.
Let's get this straight. An organization whose mission is to protect the life of babies in the womb from the consequences of death by birth-control is not worthy of Goodwin's respect because they never once, once, not once lobbied for domestic abuse issues? Bent logic indeed.

Maybe if MCCL lobbied for more government funding of Ethanol "to save the planet and unborn corn", Goodwin might re-consider her respect issues.

[Please see Mr. Dilettante's complete analysis of the Goodwin interview – Part One and Part Two.]

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