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Monday, October 18, 2010

Gina Bauman earns NRA Endorsement for District 50 Senate

Congratulations to Gina Bauman, the GOP endorsed candidate for District 50 Senate, for earning the prestigious NRA endorsement with a rating of "AQ" by the organization (click the State Senate tab after clicking the link). This is the highest rating for a candidate who has not yet held office in which significant firearms legislation had been voted on.

In contrast, Gina's main opponent, Barb Goodwin, checks in with an abysmal rating of "F", which is well-deserved based on her history of anti-gun and anti-hunting votes in the legislature (one really has to work to earn an "F" rating from the NRA).

Hunters take note: For all of the bad economic and social legislation the outgoing incumbent, Senator Satveer Chaudhary, was responsible for the one area in which he did do a good job was that of looking out for the interests of hunters and sportsmen. Your interests will continue to be supported if you elect Gina Bauman. As an NRA member and former employee of Federal Cartridge, Gina appreciates and strongly supports the values and interests of the hunting community.

For us firearm owners primarily concerned about our Second Amendment right to personal and family protection, Gina will be a much better advocate of our rights than Senator Chaudhary, who voted against concealed carry and attempted to enact a state-level "assault weapons" ban.

Goodwin would be an unmitigated disaster against the interests of all gun owners. Not only would she fail to stand up for the interests of us in the gun owning community, but would actively work against our best interests. Goodwin opposed conceal carry reform as a state representative, has voted with the "metrocrats" for virtually all anti-gun legislation in her tenure in the Minnesota House, and is supported by anti-hunting animal "rights" groups. She is also wrong on just about every other issue of interest to Conservatives.

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Anonymous Linda said...

Well said. I don't know much about Gina Bauman but when I read your article it widens my interest about her. I think she really deserve it. :D

12/22/2011 4:32 PM  

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