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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Knuth Says Open The Floodgates To Immigration!

Kate Knuth may have revealed more about herself than she wanted with an article she wrote at the U of M. Here are a few gems from her article entitled Population Heroes:


The fiscal impacts of a stabilizing, aging population can be softened. Workers must become either more productive or more abundant.

First off, what would Knuth know about productivity? She has never worked, never put anything valuable into the stream of commerce. The statement sets the table for her reasoning that only massive immigration can solve government’s fiscal problems:

The only way to increase the number of work-aged people in the short term is immigration.

The problem she is addressing is the many promises government made to an aging baby-boom generation -- such as Social Security -- and now maybe cannot keep due to political mismanagement. She recommends doing what Europe has been doing the last 30 years -- trying to use immigrants to somehow pay for the promises made to the native population.

How has that worked out for Europe? If you overlook the riots, turmoil, debt, balkanization, and terrorism, well I guess it has worked out pretty well. But the situation recently prompted German leader Angela Merkel to say that multi-culturalism in her country has failed completely. Yet multi-culturalism is exactly what Knuth wants. She says:

While changes in public finance resulting from stable population may be difficult, cultural changes could be fun.

Fun? Fun for Knuth maybe. Then Knuth goes off into another utopian vision:

Societies may also choose to abandon GDP as the sole measure of economic success, instead focusing on measures of public or environmental health, education, equity, or happiness.

In other words, she is giving up on the idea of real prosperity because she knows that government cannot provide it. Instead, go to a different measure so that the glaring “F” for economic failure is not so evident.

Folks, I could say more about Knuth’s article and her head-in-the-clouds thinking. But time is short. I say let her continue her life in academia, but stay away from legislation.

On November 2, vote down-to-earth common sense. Vote Russ Bertsch!


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